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Welcome to Waste & Washroom, your premier destination for cost-effective waste and washroom solutions!

We’ve joined forces with Bliss Wholesale to bring you unparalleled savings on your waste and washroom service contracts.

If you’re not currently benefiting from our services, here’s our promise to you: we guarantee to save you money compared to your current provision! It’s time to make a smart move towards efficiency and cost savings.


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Still not convinced? Here are 7 compelling reasons to choose Waste & Washroom:

  1. Economies of Scale: Benefit from competitive terms, even for multi-site operators. Our clients have, on average, saved an impressive 20% on their annual costs.
  2. National and Regional Relationships: We have established strong connections with both national and regional providers.
  3. Time and Cost Efficiencies: Let us handle all paperwork, including terminations and handovers, saving you both time and money.
  4. Quality Assurance: We only collaborate with the best providers, monitoring their performance daily to ensure a reliable service.
  5. Environmental Commitment: Join us in working towards Zero waste to landfill. We always consider your environmental policies as part of the process.
  6. Legislation Updates: Stay informed about any legislation that could impact your business with our proactive update service.
  7. Dedicated Account Manager: Enjoy peace of mind with a dedicated account manager, ensuring swift and efficient resolution of any issues through one point of contact.

Waste & Washroom takes pride in our partnership with Bliss Wholesale. Together, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled value and service to meet your waste and washroom needs. Don’t miss out on guaranteed cost savings – make the switch today!

Waste & Washroom are proud to be working with Bliss Wholesale